Zordix has acquired Merge Games

Zordix has made a new acquisition.
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The cost of Zordix’s acquisition of Merge Games has not been disclosed.

Swedish publisher Zordix acquired UK-based Merge Games. The amount of the acquisition was not disclosed in the announcement made by the company.

100% of Merge Games has been sold

According to the news on GameIndustry.biz, the Swedish company bought 100% of the publisher and developer Merge Games for an undisclosed amount. Aiming to increase its capacity in publishing, Zordix hopes to further accelerate the growth of Merge Games by collaborating with other companies within the group.

Merge Games was founded in 2010 and has since published and distributed titles such as Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells, and Streets of Rage 4. In addition, it produces different styles of games with the Signature Edition brand, which has signed games such as Cloudpunk and House Flipper.

Zordix bought Invictus Games last year and is also the parent company of companies such as Dimfrost Studio and Zordix Racing. Luke Keighran, co-founder and general manager of Merge games, made the following statement on the subject: “We are very proud to join Zordix group today. We see great synergy between us. Merge’s broad publishing and distribution experience will merge with the goals of the Zordix group. It will allow us to speed up our growth in the coming years.”

Zordix founder and CEO Matti Larsson said: “Today we are very happy and proud to invite Merge Games to the Zordix family. I was impressed by Luke and Joanne’s ability to jointly develop such a successful publishing business. The fact that they are acting with the same enthusiasm to build an expanded business is absolutely wonderful. With Merge Games, an important piece of the puzzle has been fulfilled, and that means we will really succeed.

With this acquisition, the two companies joined forces and signaled that brand new games are waiting for us in terms of publishing.

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