Zynga celebrates Valentine’s Day with an assortment of in-game events

Zynga announces a series of in-game events celebrating Valentine’s day throughout its game portfolio.

Headquartered in California with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Zynga is a label of Take-Two Interactive Software. The company has a reach of over 175 countries and a portfolio of games surpassing 6 billion mobile downloads in total. The company decided to surprise the players with themed challenges, exclusive bundles, updates, and rewards from a variety of hit titles for Valentine’s Day.

Some games and in-game events are as follows.

In Dragon City, players can participate in four fun island minigames; Maze, Runner, Puzzle, and Grid with the Arc of Angels. They can obtain unique collectibles and a mighty mythical dragon. Guardian Angel, Cupid, Seraphim, and 4eva are the new dragons exclusive to the event. Divine Pass includes The High-Ascended Supreme Dragon, one of the strongest beasts in Dragon City. Arc of Angels will end on 23 February.

Empires&Puzzles, Season of Love will last until 28 February. Players can earn a flock of cupids in the event. These rare, epic, and legendary heroes will arrive on Valentine’s Day and fill the air with love for an entire month.

FarmVille 2 (Web) Love for the Animals will end on 20 February, and Sally will join Percy to take care of the animals at the Love Resort. Players can help them host a successful Love Resort and win the Mini Black Boer Goat. 

In FarmVille 2: Country Escape, A Lovely Valentine’s event, which will end on 19 February, players can complete phases in Love Garden to win an excellent farm hand who will help them out on the farm for 30 days.

In FarmVille 3, Marie’s Valentine’s Day Photo Booth & Pauly’s Cupid Crush event will take place where the players can help Pauly and see if he’ll let them in on his secret crush.

Monster Legends will accommodate the Valentine’s Saga event until 3 March, where the players will fight battles using their best teams of monsters to collect exclusive Valentine’s coins and chests while uncovering a fantastic story. The event provides a chance to collect monsters from previous eras, including Jack Russael, Cherub Cupid, and Ahma Niah. Lucky players may even find Cells for Turtle Murtle, a brand new monster hiding in the board.

In Words With Friends 2 Valentine’s Events, the players can play the Rosy Romancers Solo Challenge to earn the Box O’ Chocolate Badge and complete the Singles Awareness Challenge to earn the Solo Gamer’s Badge until 19 February.

The players can join these and many more in-game events in Zynga’s games.

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