Adjusting PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings on Android

PUBG Mobile grafik ayarları

How to Change PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings?

We will touch on all the steps you need to follow how the graphics settings are arranged in the popular PUBG Mobile game of recent times. Android devices have a much wider atmosphere than iOS devices, so they can contain very different hardware features. And in many games, you can now adjust the proportions of the graphics settings according to you or use the limited options available.

There is an application to adjust the graphics settings of PUBG Mobile, the mobile game of the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds of the last period. You can edit the graphics settings on your smartphone by installing the Graphics Tool for PUBG application. However, if you do not know the screen resolution value of your phone, you should do a little research before using the application.

Click to download the APK of Graphics Tool for PUBG.

How to Change PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings on Android?

After downloading Graphics Tool for PUBG, install it. Open the application after installation. In the interface of the application, there are options to enable or disable Graphics, FPS, HD Setting and Shadows. The options offered by the application consist of these. After the changes you have made in this section, you need to press the Accept button at the bottom to activate.

After saving the settings, close the application and open the PUBG Mobile game. You may see an improvement in the performance of the game or feel nothing. You may have made adjustments to improve the graphics details in the game, or you may have decreased the graphics settings to make the game smooth, but there is no guarantee of results. At this point, your device comes into play, for example, if you are playing the game on a Nokia 3 smartphone, do not expect performance like your friend’s Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. The better the hardware of your device, the better results you will get with this application.

PUBG Mobile also has its own in-game graphics settings. These are slightly different from the options offered by the app, but can still benefit you to browse

To enter PUBG Mobile’s graphics settings, tap the button with the gear icon at the top right after opening the game. From the Settings screen, enter the Graphics section. Here you can see the graphics settings options that PUBG Mobile offers us. If your device is a medium device, the Ultra HD option may not appear in this section. If you have changed the graphics settings in this section, you need to close and reopen the game in order to take effect. If you do not like the changes you have made and want to undo them, you can revert all your changes by pressing the Reset Screen button at the bottom.

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