Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas case study by Gamelight

The rewarded marketing platform Gamelight shares clues and data behind the success of the Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas.
Gamelight Case Study

Gamelight has joined forces with GOAT Games to promote their hit title, Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas. The publisher wanted to promote their RPG / Strategy title in the US and UK on Gamelight’s game recommendation platform. The partnership utilized Gamelight’s AI Platform to reach and exceed both short-term ROAS D7 of 24% and long-term ROAS D30 of 53%

About Gamelight

Gamelight is the largest rewarded mobile marketing platform. Our award-winning AI Algorithm analyzes user behavior, playing patterns, and demographic data to identify games that align with each user’s specific interests and gaming history. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, we can optimize partner campaigns and exceed both short-term and long-term ROAS targets.

About GOAT Games

GOAT Games, founded in 2019, is a mobile game development and publishing company located in Guangzhou, China. Their first release, “War and Magic,” won the love of millions of players and has repeatedly been ranked at the top of the Google bestseller list of many countries.

About Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

It is a fantasy empire game with a twist, creating new bloodlines and combinations by marrying Champions. Its story follows a mysterious enemy corrupting the world and the heroes who will fight across a world of magic and fantasy to defeat them.

Execution of the campaign

To achieve the partner’s goals, we utilized our ROAS algorithm combined with open targeting, allowing us to feed the algorithm with extensive data. Open targeting allowed us to reach new, untapped audiences, and our cutting-edge algorithm ensured we reached users who were more likely to convert. The algorithm intends to achieve the highest level of performance by optimizing metrics such as ROAS, ARPU, Engagement Rate, and Retention Rate for the promoted titles.

Alexander Cherpak, User Growth Head of GOAT Games, shared: “We’re used to running UA campaigns that would take X weeks or even months to learn and burn money. With the smart algorithms that Gamelight provides, we could get results from day 1. While simple dashboard helps to save us a lot of time in managing campaigns and scale in no time”.

Results of the campaign

During the campaign execution in June 2023, we not only reached GOAT Games’ ROAS goals but exceeded them significantly by landing at ROAS D7 of 43% and ROAS D30 of 86%. Using our advanced AI algorithm combined with open targeting, we’ve exceeded the D30 ROAS goal by 162%. Additionally, we’ve achieved an impressive 410% D30 ARPU boost compared to what our partner usually achieves through other advertising platforms.

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Gamelight and GOAT Games to promote Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas has proven to be a resounding success. Through integrating Gamelight’s AI Platform, the campaign achieved impressive ROAS milestones and effectively reached and engaged with the target audience.

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