How to delete Bigo Live account?

You can broaden your social circle by broadcasting live with Bigo Live. You can save your special memories, live chat with your friends, make video calls, and watch the latest videos. Those who have just started using the application but do not like it or users who are bored with Bigo ask each other how to delete the Bigo Live account.

How to delete Bigo Live account?

If you have registered and logged in via social media applications while logging into your Bigo account, that is, if you have not verified the phone, you can not delete your Bigo account from Bigo’s official application. You can delete the account you have connected through social media channels by removing the permissions given from the accounts that are also connected.

Bigo Live

If you want to permanently delete your account, you need to reach Bigo Live via e-mail and explain the situation.

How to delete Bigo Live account with phone verification?

Open the Bigo Live application and log in to your account.
After logging into your account, open the “Me” section and log in to the “Settings” section from there.

You will see the “Unprotected” tab when entering the “Linked Accounts” section of Bigo settings. This shows your social media account linked to your Bigo account.

After that, you must log in again with your account information.
After logging in, tap on the “Disconnect” option written in the field and disconnect your Bigo Live account and delete your account.

At the same time, you can remove the connections by deleting the permissions you have given from your account.

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