How to play Among Us with friends?

Among Us arkadaşlarla nasıl oynanır

In Among Us, you can create custom lobbies to play with your friends, or join the lobby created by your friends using the game code.

Many players wonder “How to play with friends?” You can play with the people you want with the rules you want. If you want to play Among Us with 10 people out loud, you can come to Mobidictum’s Discord server. You can make new friends on this server.

How to play Among Us with friends?

If you have enough number of players for Among Us, you can create private rooms. Inside the private rooms, you can change the lobby settings according to the number of people. Also, by constantly changing the lobby settings, you can avoid the feeling of playing the same game and enjoy each game more.

If you don’t have any active friends, you can browse the online games.

To play with your friends, you must have friends who are in the game. ? Then you have to set up a private lobby from the “Private Lobby” option. If you are the person to join the room, you need to get the code from the lobby’s founder. You cannot enter private rooms without a code.

If you are the person setting up the lobby, you must send the lobby code to all your friends who will join the room by voice or message. You can also change the rules of the game as the person who set up the lobby. You can run faster, change the number of impostors or specify task lengths.

To create a private lobby, you must first click the “Online” button.

First Step: Press the “Online” button

All of the people who will play should take the first step to enter online games by pressing the “Online” button. You are wasting time looking for another input method. If you want to play with your friends you definitely need to click the “Online” button. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the online game or create an online lobby at all.

In the second stage, you will have three different categories.

Step Two: Build the lobby

If you have followed the first step correctly, you will see three categories. Among these categories, you can create your online lobby by simply pressing the “Create Game” button under the “Host” category. Thus, you will create the lobby. The only thing left is the lobby settings and your friends coming to the lobby.

You can adjust the game settings before creating the lobby.

Step Three: Adjust the lobby settings

You and your friends must make a joint decision and determine the map, the number of impostors, and how many people will be in a lobby. Especially you need to set the number of lobby correctly, if you set a limit below your current number, some of your friends will not be able to come to the game.

After creating the lobby, you can learn the room code.

Step Four: Share the lobby code with your friends

If you’ve done the first three steps correctly, it’s time to share the lobby code with your friends. You should share the lobby code with the friends you want and wait for your friends to come. Your friends may be a little late as the game slows down when entering the lobby.

If you are going to join a private lobby, you need the room code.

How to join the private lobby in Among Us?

If your friend has created a lobby to play together, you must join the game with the code. You have to press the “Online” button in the first place, like the first thing you do while setting up the lobby. Then you need to find the place where you will enter the lobby code from three different categories that appear on the screen. If you need more details, you can follow the steps below.

  • Press the “Online” button.
  • Enter the lobby code from the “Private” category in the blank field.
  • Join the lobby by clicking the right-facing arrow.
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