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What are the meta heroes in Mobile Legends? With the incoming update, we update the changed meta heroes for you.

What are Mobile Legends current meta heroes? With the new updates coming to the game, the powers of the characters are tried to be equalized. That’s why meta heroes edited by players can change after each update. We have prepared for you the latest meta heroes of the game. You can follow the changed meta heroes, which we will renew after each update to Mobile Legends, on our page.

Mobile Legends Meta Heroes

There are frequent updates for Mobile Legends. With the new updates, the powers of the characters are tried to be equalized in order to provide a better game experience. Due to the power change of characters and items, meta heroes can also change frequently. Methane stands for “most effective tactics available”, in Turkish it means “the most effective tactic available.” If you choose among the characters suitable for the meta that we have listed while entering the game, we can say that you are very likely to win the game.

Mobile Legends Cecillion

Tank Meta Heroes

  • Hylos
  • Khufra

Wizard Meta Heroes

  • Cecillion
  • Lylia

Warrior Meta Heroes

  • Borg X
  • bazen

Shooter Meta Heroes

  • Granger
  • Karrie

Support Meta Heroes

  • Estes
  • Angela

Following the latest patch notes from Mobile Legends, this is the meta heroes. We will renew these heroes with the upcoming updates. You can easily reach the top leagues in Mobile Legends by following Mobidictum.

Who determines Mobile Legends current meta heroes?

Meta heroes change after new updates. Meta heroes are determined by the game’s top senior players. Players who play in the upper leagues definitely play with their meta heroes, thus increasing their chances of winning. If you want to get to the top leagues, you have to know a little bit about Mobile Legends meta heroes.

How often do meta heroes change?

In Mobile Legends, meta heroes mostly change with the new update. So, after the new updates, you can visit our site to learn about new meta heroes. Meta heroes will greatly increase your chances of winning the game. However, not only matches are won with meta heroes. If you and your teammates have enough experience, they can easily upgrade the league thanks to their meta heroes. Also, Mobile Legends recently received an update. After the update, you can examine the changed hero powers in the game.

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