PUBG Mobile Appearance, Name and Character Reset

PUBG Mobile offers players many options for appearance and customization. So how can you reset the look, name, and other options from scratch? When logging into the game, each player creates a character and a name. But don’t worry about what will happen if you confuse your name or give your character the wrong look.

PUBG Mobile appearance and name reset

You can reset your appearance or change your name in-game. In this article, we will explain how to reset the appearance and name in PUBG Mobile.

How to reset PUBG Mobile appearance and name?

In Mobile PUBG, which we can play on a computer, we do not have a lot of detailed options when creating characters. But we can still create a certain type of character we want to take on. The game can currently only allow us to make adjustments in main topics such as skin color, hairstyle, face type, and gender. Of course, you can make a difference in your look with the costumes or extra cosmetics in the latest updates.

PUBG Mobile Appearance Reset

In our guide, we will first explain how to reset the view. First of all, you need to earn at least 3,000 BP to change the look. You can earn the BP unit at the end of each match, or you can get it with the game’s own reward systems such as Royale Pass. The number required to change the look is not that big. If you are a casual player, you will reach your goal in approximately 1-2 days.

After you’ve accumulated this much BP, you are now ready to change your view. We go to the main menu of the game and click the inventory button on the upper right of the screen. After entering the window, right next to your character, click the “Reset Appearance” button and switch to the character creation screen. On this screen, you need to recreate the character like the beginning of the game. You have to design your character flawlessly for this time. Because after a faulty appearance, we click the “OK” button at the bottom right and confirm this process again on the screen that appears. You can now run after the soup money with your new character.

PUBG Mobile Name Reset

If you want to change your name, things get a little more difficult here. The Name Changer is at the beginning of the items you need to perform this process. You can purchase the Name Changer item from within the PUBG market or get it for free through events such as Royale Pass. In addition, the probability of falling in some cases may be quite high. After purchasing the Name Changer, it is possible to change your name instantly by clicking on it. Do not forget to choose your name well.

PUBG Mobile Name Change Card Cheat

There are some ways to get the name change card for free. We see that 3rd party software and cheats also make such promises. However, such cheats can steal your account information and even cause great damage to your device. Keep in mind that even if you did the trick, Tencent Games might eventually catch you. If you want to get a name card for free, you can use different ways like Google Surveys. It is also possible to give your friend a name card by earning wallet codes from tournaments.

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