PUBG Mobile Clan Guide

PUBG Mobile continues to be updated. With the 0.7.0 update to reach the popular game, serious changes were made to the game. While the excitement of last week’s update continues, we have prepared a guide for you on the newly added clan system to PUBG Mobile. Good reading.

PUBG Mobile New Clan System Guide

The team system previously found in PUBG Mobile was similar to the clan system, but it was not as detailed and different as the PUBG new clan system. In the community you create in the team system, there is only one manager and you can add 10 people to the team. You can also write a description / announcement on the page of these teams that you can name. Unfortunately, the features of this system end here.

How to set up PUBG Mobile Clan?

How to Set Up PUBG Mobile Clan?

Let’s start to take a look at the newly arrived clan system. Anyone can create a clan without any level or ranking restrictions. The cost of building these communities is set at 50,000 BP. This price is set at the limit for me. When it was higher, prices would be inaccessible, otherwise anyone could use the clan open / close operation for nothing. To establish a clan, we enter the “Clan” tab in the lower left part of the main menu of the game and come to the create clan area on the right. Here, after entering the necessary information and making the adjustments, we set up the clan.

We have directly explained how to create clans, so let’s see what are the features of these clans in PUBG Mobile. First of all, clans will bring a lot of gifts to both you and your friends. By completing the tasks in the clan, you will get points called Clan Points. Using these points, you will be able to purchase various items in the Clan Shop.

Authorization system in clans has also been developed. You will be able to select Clan Leaders and Deputies. Thus, assistants can assist in the management of this community you have created with you.

How to set up PUBG Mobile Clan?

The more players in the Clan continue to play, the faster they will rise in the Clan Level. As the Clan XP is earned, new features are unlocked at the levels reached. Examples of these are the increase in clan player capacity and the increase in the number and quality of items in the store. PUBG Mobile Clan capacity increase is possible up to level 5. This number of levels can go up to 10.

Clans that accepted 30 members when they were founded increase their capacity by 5 each time they level up. Thus, the increase ends when the number of members reaches 50. That’s why you should be very careful when choosing the games you will buy for your clan.

This Clan system also includes Daily Training. There are different trainings every day within the clans. You can earn Clan Points and Clan Activity Points by participating in these trainings. You will use these points to earn special rewards and clan chests. At this point, cooperation makes the players feel the importance of being a team.

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