Survivors of the Dawn, gritty horde-survival bullet heaven out on early access

indieGiant Games, a micro-studio with massive ideas, announced the Early Access release date for their solo-developed debut PC title Survivors of the Dawn.
Survivors of the Dawn key art

Survivors of the Dawn merges the best roguelike elements into the survivors-like genre, and it takes players to a brain-numbing yet strategic experience driven by half chance half tactics.

Survivors of the Dawn is a run-based, action roguelike bullet heaven game set in a sci-fi universe. Against the backdrop of a gritty sci-fi universe, players try to survive the dawn against the ceaseless hordes by building strategic weapon-item synergies, whether it be by completing tasks, leveling up their bullets, weapons, and items, and stacking them at random points in the map, players slaughter their way into the dawn.

Inspired by the strategic progress in Slay the Spire, item variations of Risk of Rain, and the dynamic core gameplay in Vampire Survivors in a DOOM-ish environment with weapon evolution and auto-battler-inspired class systems, Survivors of the Dawn aims to merge these mechanics into a whole new run-based casual experience.

Starting as a bounty hunter with a gun, players slaughter their way through hordes as they are traveling interstellar and can end at a laser spectacle just in time for dinner.

”Exactly one year after the start of its development, we are in utter excitement that it is finally releasing on Early Access. We believe in community-driven development, and games developed with their community can reach their maximum potential, so feel free to share any feedback and suggestions with us.”

says Furkan Ceylan, the solo developer and founder of indieGiant Games.

This is just the beginning of your Survivors of the Dawn journey. Future updates will include additional levels, character and weapon-item variations, longer contents, map-based challenges, and more.

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