GameAnalytics launces a new mediation platform HyperBid

The brand new mediation platform by GameAnalytics will increase developers’ and publishers’ ad revenues.
gameanalytics hyperbid
GameAnalytics announces the launch of HyperBid.

GameAnalytics, the analytics platform used by over 100,000 game developers, announces the launch of HyperBid – a powerful new mediation platform specifically engineered for mobile games publishers and developers. 

HyperBid is an entirely games-focused mediation platform created by the team behind GameAnalytics. It will enable publishers and developers to dramatically increase their ad revenue and drive business growth, capitalizing on the monetization opportunities offered by the unprecedented numbers of brands seeking to connect with the vast and lucrative audience of 2.8 billion mobile gamers worldwide. 

Currently in open beta, the HyperBid platform includes an array of features tailored towards mobile games advertising. Significantly, HyperBid has been built with analytics at the forefront using GameAnalytics’ market intelligence, empowering HyperBid users to make analytics-fueled decisions and A/B test monetization strategies that give their campaigns the best chance of securing maximum revenue. 

Morten E. Wulff, Founder of GameAnalytics, commented:

“HyperBid has limitless potential, addressing a critical gap in the market for a new brand with a distinct, gaming-specific mediation offer. HyperBid is absolutely neutral across all bidding models and demand pools – ensuring developers and publishers can maximize their revenue. It solves common shortcomings with existing mediation platforms such as ad serving latency issues and lack of technical support for indie developers. Simply put, HyperBid offers games developers and publishers an unrivaled way to optimize their monetization.”

HyperBid shares GameAnalytics’ commitment to supporting and growing developers of all sizes. The new platform is not only equipped with a team of industry experts for an easy setup and ongoing support but has been built to treat developers fairly. HyperBid believes in neutrality and being unbiased, with no affiliation with any one ad network and over 30 integrations with leading global networks and bidding partners across Eastern and Western markets. It is also neutral across all waterfall and in-app header bidding models, meaning developers will always get the best bid from the highest offer, every time. 

Through GameAnalytics’ parent company, Mobvista, HyperBid harnesses extensive advertising expertise. However, the HyperBid platform is agnostic and excels when in any advertising stack. Early HyperBid adopters receive six months’ free access to GameAnalytics products including GameIntel and Data Services, as well as an investment in their growth in the form of a cash bonus to put towards their monetization campaigns without dipping into their own capital.

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