Gamester Kids, creator of Tiny Minis, has received $850K investment

Gamester Kids, the creator of Tiny Minies, an Edutainment App for kids, received $850,000 investment in a round joined by APY Ventures, Doping Hafıza founders Semih Hakyemez, Ali Karakuş and CEO N.Mert Kalkavan.

Tiny Minies, the popular edutainment app developed by Gamester Kids that focuses on the education and development of preschool children is growing rapidly internationally and aims to reach more families with a new round of investment.

At Gamester Kids, founders Onur Karcı and Volkan Taban were accompanied by angel investors Dr. Haluk Elçi, C. Burak Yılmaz, and Sezer Değirmenbaşı. At the same time, APY Ventures and Semih Hakyemez, Ali Karakuş, and N. Mert Kalkavan, CEO of Doping Hafıza, one of Turkey’s leading educational technology companies, joined the new investment round of $850,000, which will provide significant support to Gamester Kids’ growth and development journey.

Gamester Kids’ popular app, Tiny Minies, was launched three years ago to raise the questioning, research, and learning of children by combining technology, entertainment, and education, contributing to the development of millions of children worldwide. All the content in the app is carefully prepared in collaboration with educators and experts in child development from the USA, the UK, and Türkiye. Featuring content in different verticals such as games, books, fairy tales, meditation, yoga, and sleep music, Tiny Minies not only supports children’s education but also stands out as an essential resource for families with features such as detailed development reports, pedagogical advice, and screen time control according to age.

Currently supporting Turkish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic languages, Tiny Minies has already been an international success story, generating 85% of its revenues from markets outside Türkiye. Tiny Minies’ biggest markets include the US, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Türkiye. It stands out as one of the most downloaded and revenue-generating apps in its category, especially in Türkiye, Latin America, and the GCC region.

Gamester Kids’in kurucularından Onur Karcı konuyla alakalı olarak şu yorumu yaptı;

“Tiny Minies has become a trusted app used by millions of families from Australia to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to North America. Our goal is to support parents during the critical period in children’s pre-school development and help them raise the children who explore, question and create. Tiny Minies continues to be an integral part of families’ daily routines, offering a safe platform with a balanced mix of screen and non-screen activities. We would like to thank our team for their dedication in this journey, the families who trust us, and all our investors who have supported us from day one. In 2024, we will continue to take exciting steps towards the future with both Tiny Minies and our new products.”

N. Mert Kalkavan, CEO of Doping Hafıza, shared his thoughts in the following words;

“We believe Tiny Minies will play an essential role in the evolution of education and we are delighted to be with them on this journey of growth.”

APY Ventures Manager Mustafa Keçeli‘s views on the subject are as follows;

“Tiny Minies is a unique platform that supports children’s education by combining modern technology and entertainment. Our support for both the Gamester Kids team and Tiny Minies is unwavering and we are excited to contribute to their growth journey.”

BE Advise, and Ilhanlı/Baser Law Firm advised Gamester Kids during the partnership process.

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