3rd Gamification Hackathon Event

Gamification Hackathon will take place online this year.

More than 20 teams will be matched with more than 20 companies in the third Gamification Hackathon Event, which will be held on June 18-19-20. Teams will compete with each other to become the most successful idea in the event by gamifying and solving real-life problems within 48 hours.

GamFed Gamification Hackathon
The Gamification Hackathon Event is hosted by the nonprofit and all-volunteer company, GamFed.

Details of the Gamification Hackathon Event

Young talents that will participate from all over Turkey,  will try to offer creative gamified solutions to problems of matched companies. This upcoming event is carried out by the GamFed International Gamification Federation, which is a non-profit establishment, and it was established with the aim of raising awareness of gamification. The successful team of GamFed Turkey consists entirely of volunteers and their founder is known as Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz.

In addition, academicians and gamification experts from the USA and Finland will make important speeches at the opening of the event and share their valuable knowledge with the participants of the event. You can follow all the developments about the Gamification Hackathon Event, where you can watch all these for free, on GamFed Turkey’s Instagram and Twitter accounts!

gamification hackathon karma modanisa
Team “Karma” from 2nd Gamification Hackathon Event.

Each of the teams that will compete during the Gamification Hackathon will be matched with different mentors and will have the opportunity to receive help and training about gamification ideas from the mentors involved in the event. The mentors who will currently participate in the event:

gamification hackathon
One of the meetings from the earlier Gamification Hackathon Event.

Among the juries of the event, which has a total of 6 jury members, Mevlüt Dinç, the producer of the first Turkish-made computer game, Evrim Kuran, the creator and curator of People Make the Brand, one of the most comprehensive employer brand conferences, and Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan who is the Head of Neuromarketing Department in Üsküdar University. Other names will be announced in the upcoming days. In addition to this, the awards that students with creative and successful ideas will receive include computers, educational books, and the Gamification Europe Ticket. The first two of the Gamification Hackathon events were held at Bahçeşehir University, but due to COVID-19, the event will take place “online” on the GamFed Discord server this year. It is obvious that this event offers young talents the opportunity to improve themselves in many ways while networking.

GamFed Discord
GamFed’s Discord server will be used as the event platform.

What is “gamification”?

First of all, the term “gamification” must not be confused with the term “game” which builds its own reality. The main purpose of gamification is to increase the efficiency of the activities to the maximum levels by making real-life activities more enjoyable. Gamification can be shown as an answer to the question: “How can you increase the productivity of something you have to do?” One of the most important elements of increasing the productivity of a job is motivation. Gamification provides us with this motivation. Also, setting specific goals for ourselves makes the way to reach those goals more enjoyable and constructive.

Gamification is a business model that started making its name known for the first time in 2014.

“Gamification”, which is obviously the main element of the Gamification Hackathon Event, is important for many companies. An example of this is the “Turkcell GNCYTNK” mobile application developed by BUG LAB, winner of the 1st Gamification Hackathon Event. Gamification has successfully demonstrated the impact of the Turkcell GNCYTK training program, especially in the recruitment process. The attention levels and quick thinking skills of the candidates were measured with the “Game Interview”, which is the second stage of the interview process. We can say that the most important features that distinguish a candidate from others can be measured and yield effective results in this way, which is very valuable for the gamification business model.

gamification hackathon turkcell gncytnk
The winner project from BugLab in 1st Gamification Hackathon Event.

On the other hand, the team “Karma“, the champion of the 2nd Gamification Hackathon Event, made a name for itself by offering a gamified solution to many processes from Modanisa‘s goals, problems, procurement processes to employee satisfaction with the “Pixel Olympics” project they developed for Modanisa.

gamification hackathon pixel olympics karma
The winner project from Karma in 2nd Gamification Hackathon Event.

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