GDEV’s Pixel Gun 3D made an outstanding debut

GDEV has successfully launched the mobile gsmr Pixel Gun 3D on the PC platform.

GDEV is a hub of gaming studios focused on the development and growth of its franchise portfolio across various genres and platforms. With subsidiaries including Nexters and Cubic Games, among others, GDEV aims to create games that will inspire and engage millions of players for years to come. Its franchises, such as Hero Wars, Island Hoppers, Pixel Gun 3D, and others, have accumulated hundreds of millions of installs worldwide.

The game debuted on Steam on April 2, and upon release, it entered the Top 20 most-sold and Top 50 most-played games. On its first day, the game saw a peak concurrent Steam user count of 25,000 players.

The Steam version of Pixel Gun 3D recouped its PC platform development costs within the first day of release, generating five times the average daily in-app purchases of the mobile version. These achievements were made without significant marketing investments, leveraging the game’s strong brand awareness across the globe. The PC version of Pixel Gun 3D offers enhanced graphics and full cross-platform multiplayer functionality with mobile.

GDEV CEO, Andrey Fadeev stated:

“The first GDEV game launched on Steam, the largest PC platform, is already a success! The mobile version of this iconic title has already accumulated over $200 million in cumulative all-time bookings, and while the PC version is just beginning its journey, we believe it has immense potential to maintain top positions in the PC/console market in the long-term!“

The Studio Director, Dmitry Amroyan, remarked that the immense success of their game caught them completely off guard. He mentioned that their servers were unprepared to handle such a massive influx of longtime fans and newcomers. Currently, they are working tirelessly to improve their infrastructure so that everyone can fully enjoy the amazing gameplay of PG3D.

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