Ginger Joy Games, emerging from Matchingham Games, has successfully raised $1.26 million

The company recently secured an impressive funding, propelling it forward in the Web3 gaming sector.

Ginger Joy Games, the spin-off of Matchingham Games, announces a major milestone in their journey. The company successfully closed its pre-seed round, securing a whopping $1.26 million investment.

This development brings players one step closer to the company’s vision of creating immersive mobile gaming experiences powered by Web3 technology. The company aims to create native and interconnected Web3 games for mobile platforms and contribute to the industry’s growth.

Ginger Joy Games CEO Ibrahim Over made the following statement on the matter,

“The closure of our $1.26-million pre-seed round marks a thrilling milestone in our journey. I’m truly grateful for the unwavering support we’ve received, especially given the challenges in the blockchain industry. With the backing of excellent investors, we’ve overcome hurdles and become stronger. Also, I would like to send my heartfelt gratitude to Wisemaple for its invaluable support as financial advisor, and to Freya Law for her guidance as legal counsel throughout the process.”

Ginger Joy Games is also actively advancing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within mobile gaming ecosystems. The company is developing innovative features, including AI-generated race tracks and game modes. By analyzing past user behavior, they aim not only to improve the game but also to streamline development costs.

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