Google testing new search engine feature for cloud gaming platforms

With this feature, users can access the games easily from the search results.
A white Google Stadia controller
Google is facilitating access to cloud gaming platforms.

Google is testing a new search engine feature that will make cloud gaming system users easier. This feature, brought up by Bryant Chappel from Nerf Report, shows that when you search the game on Google, you can quickly connect to the game via Google’s search results.

As seen in the video, when Bryant searches for the Control game, two options appear on the right side of the results page to access the game via Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. When Bryant presses the play button, the game is automatically opened through the connected account.

Search results currently support Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna platforms, but you should note that this feature is currently in the testing phase. It is possible for Google to add more different cloud gaming platforms in the future.

This new feature from Google is probably in the A/B testing phase because not every user can access this feature. In addition, to access all these, you need to have a membership on the mentioned platforms.

The allegations that emerged last month that Google would close the Stadia platform for use were denied with a statement made by Stadia. Google’s shelving of this project is not currently in the plans, but it is possible that it is not satisfied with the number of users. With this breakthrough, it may be aimed at highlighting Stadia. However, adding Stadia and all popular cloud platforms to its options eliminates fears of a monopoly.

Competition between cloud gaming services heats up

In order to understand the number of users and cloud gaming better, Bryant recently compiled the user numbers of cloud gaming services on AppTopia. This data shows Stadia, Luna, GFN, and Xbox Game Pass have a total of 1.5M DAU.

Cloud gaming services are very popular nowadays. In the past weeks, Logitech and Tencent announced that they are working on a cloud gaming device. It’s exciting that cloud gaming is moving from computers to mobile and hand-held devices.

On the other hand, Samsung has brought cloud gaming platforms to its new generation televisions. First, by making GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming accessible via the Samsung Gaming Hub, Samsung later added Amazon Luna to these platforms.

If the competition heats up in this field, companies will take the players’ gaming experience to the next level.

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