Hideo Kojima announces new Spotify podcast on Gamescom 2022

The seasoned veteran pulls a plot twist and announces a new podcast instead of updates about his dream game with Microsoft.
Hideo Kojima under and next to two Spotify logos

Hideo Kojima announced his upcoming podcast titled Brain Structure through a video announcement trailer. The podcast will be a Spotify exclusive and will air in English and Japanese weekly. The Gamescom Opening Night Live audience was the first to watch the content.

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The master game creator used these words to describe his podcast in the video:

“I am pleased to announce that my podcast program will be available exclusively on Spotify in September! I wanted to share my thoughts with a global audience and felt that Spotify would be the best home to reach all my fans and friends around the world. We will be providing both English and Japanese versions of the show with simultaneous interpretations as this is a podcast for fans not only in Japan but all over the world.”

Kojima reached worldwide renown with successful game titles such as Death Stranding, Metal Gear, and PT. Spotify stated in a promotion that the show “Unravels the genius behind Kojima’s ideas and creative thinking.”

The concept of the podcast will be like a talk-show with different guests joining Kojima every episode, focusing on various topics like art, books, movies, philosophy, and games. It’s safe to assume that the podcast will have many cultural discussion points.

Geoff Keighley will also become a regular on the show. As the producer of the annual Game Awards, he will share news and updates from the entertainment industry in his own section of the podcast.

The game industry legend had recently announced a collaboration with Xbox to create his dream game. There is currently no information about the game’s setting, story, or genre, so fans were expecting some sort of revelation about the upcoming Kojima title on Gamescom, but to no avail.

The first episode of Brain Structure will air on September 8. A new episode will arrive every week on Thursdays at 9 pm on Spotify.

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