Hideo Kojima is now working with Xbox to make his dream game

The games industry legend Kojima said he’ll be working with Xbox to create a game he has always wanted to make. Kojima’s Friendship with Sony may be a bit shaky now.
Hideo Kojima Xbox logo
Hideo Kojima and Phil Spencer announce an unexpected partnershipp for a whole new game.

Well, the leaks were true. Hideo Kojima is indeed working with Xbox to create a video game “he has always wanted to make”, but we’re yet to know what the story will be about. In fact, even the game’s genre is a mystery, but that’s somewhat given with Kojima now, isn’t it?

The Xbox boss Phil Spencer made a “special partnership” reveal toward the end of the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase, and popped Hideo Kojima, thanking Spencer and confirming that he’ll be partnering up with Xbox to make his dream game. The industry legend talked assertively saying the new title will be “a brand-new experience like you’ve never seen before.”

Per Kojima’s own words, this new project will be using “Microsoft’s cutting edge cloud technology and change the industry trend.”, but he also added that it will take some time before the game is ready.

Kojima & Sony partnership coming to an end?

Update: Kojima just recently tweeted the following statement“After the announcement of our partnership with Microsoft using the cloud technology, many people have asked us about our collaboration with SIE. Please be assured that we continue to have a very good partnership with PlayStation® as well.” putting the issue to bed.


Of course, the burning question everybody asking now is if the decades-long history between Kojima and Sony is a thing of the past. Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series (the IP belongs to Konami, but the series is completely associated with Hideo Kojima) is somewhat a PlayStation exclusive, and Kojima ended up partnering with Sony after his dramatic departure from Konami.

The developer started his own studio with a little help from Sony —Kojima Productions— and launched Death Stranding initially on PlayStation, followed by a PC release some few months after.

It’s a bit of a surprise seeing, dare one say, a Sony PlayStation legend partnering with a direct rival, and there’s also a veil of a mystery given how Sony always offered their full support to Kojima. Whatever this new game will be we’re most likely years away from seeing even a trailer.

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