Immutable Bolsters Executive Team with Key Hires from Major Web2 and Web3 Companies

Immutable, the web3 gaming company, has hired talent from web2 and web3 companies to enhance its growth in the game industry. The hires include Devon Ferreira as CMO and David Bicknell as CFO.
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Immutable, a distinguished web3 game company, has announced the addition of key talent from prominent web2 and web3 companies to accelerate growth and expand its presence in the game industry. The new hires include Devon Ferreira, as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and David Bicknell, as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Immutable is also announcing the promotion of Immutable Senior Vice President Jason Suen to Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Devon Ferreira has been appointed as its Chief Marketing Officer, bringing him on board to lead the company’s marketing and brand development efforts. Ferreira has previously held leadership positions at Disney and Oakley and is known for his success in marketing and brand building for the Avalanche network, making him a valuable addition to Immutable’s team with over two decades of experience as a strategist, marketer, and entrepreneur.

Bicknell, who previously held the finance director position at Meta, will manage the company’s balance sheet and cash runway. Bicknell will also oversee treasury and fundraising efforts, financial governance, investments, and potential future acquisitions. With his invaluable financial and entrepreneurial expertise, Bicknell is poised to improve Immutable’s financial stability and success.

The Senior Vice President at Immutable, Jason Suen, has been promoted to Chief Commercial Officer. As CCO, Jason will help to guide the company towards broader adoption while developing the best web3 game titles in the industry.

Robbie Ferguson, President and Co-founder of Immutable, said:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Devon, who helped build Avalanche to one of the biggest household names in Web3, onboard to supercharge Immutable’s growth. Immutable has quietly achieved the top market share in Web3 gaming over the past 12 months, with nearly $1 billion invested in games building on our platform last year. Devon will be taking this story mainstream, helping onboard thousands of game developers to Immutable and the next billion users of Web3. Together with recent hires like David, Immutable is building one of the highest talent bars in the space.”

Immutable has been focusing intensively on web3 gaming. In the third quarter of 2022, the company onboarded more games than in its lifetime combined; going from just five deployed at the start of the year to over 100 today. In addition, Immutable also continues to invest in web3 games providing the most funding of any L1 / L2 ecosystem in the world after L1 Ethereum.

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