Intella X Launches “Adventure”

Neowiz, a prominent South Korean gaming company, has introduced “Adventure,” a new feature on its Web3 gaming platform, Intella X, to bridge the gap between traditional gameplay and Web3 technology. 

This addition marks a significant step forward for Intella X, allowing players to earn rewards through gameplay and token airdrops. “Adventure” is designed to cater to a diverse gaming community, providing a mix of gameplay, collaboration, and rewards. Players can earn points across various game genres and convert them into Intella X’s native IX tokens. Additionally, “Adventure” introduces “Crew,” a guild system fostering teamwork and community within the Intella X ecosystem.

Players can explore a wide range of game genres within ‘Adventure,’ from turn-based strategy to sports and FPS, each offering unique opportunities to accumulate points.

In a recent development, Intella X launched its first NFT PFP project, E.R.C.C (Early Retired Cats Club), inspired by Neowiz’s popular game, Cats & Soup. The E.R.C.C collection has gained prominence in premier NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur, showcasing Intella X’s digital appeal.

Leading up to the launch of “Adventure,” Intella X introduced two innovative services enabling users to earn points through various social, on-chain, and off-chain activities.

A spokesperson for Intella X stated, “With the introduction of “Adventure,” we invite gamers to join us in exploring the future of gaming, where in-game achievements hold real-world value. This initiative embodies the core principles of Web3, transcending traditional gaming boundaries.”

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