We talked with Jetplay CEO Tom Pigott about Ludo and its new features

Tom Pigott answered our questions about Ludo and Jetplay.
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Since its launch back in 2021, Ludo has been expanding its repertoire.

Ludo, the AI-powered creativity platform for game developers, has announced the beta launch of its latest tool, the Image Generator. Ludo’s free toolkit supports game developers and studios by providing everything needed to research and ideate a new game. The Image Generator uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art machine learning to provide anyone making a new game with inspiration for icons and artwork. 

Images are a crucial component of any successful game, with developers constantly striving for new ideas. Ludo’s Image Generator provides developers with the opportunity to be inspired by simply inputting search parameters. The new feature uses advanced machine learning to scan millions of gaming images. This allows it to generate images based on keyword or game title searches, making it a truly unique tool for game developers worldwide. Moreover, the generator is still learning and will continue to grow and advance, getting more intuitive as more users try it.

We talked with Jetplay’s CEO Tim Piggot, leader of the group behind the Ludo.ai, and asked our questions about their tool, the new features, and Jetplay.

Utku Aktaş: What motivated Jetplay to build Ludo? 

Tom Pigott: When Jetplay started out, we were originally a VR gaming studio, but we shifted to hyper-casual gaming because this was a very popular space to be in.

The games industry is such a competitive market and trying to come up with new game concepts, artwork, and other key mechanics, while staying on top of the latest gaming trends, was not a straightforward process for studios. We realised that AI machine learning could be used to generate new game concepts to support developers and creators. This was the motivation to create Ludo, to support developers and studios by filling that gap.

There are many things you need to consider when coming up with your next hit game, and Ludo is there to lend a helping hand to developers at all levels – from indies to AAA.

Ludo’s free Image Generator tool is still in the BETA stage.

Utku Aktaş: How do studios benefit from Ludo? How far can developers go with it? 

Tom Pigott: Ludo is not just a one-tool wonder; it stays with developers throughout the whole game development process, guiding them along the way, from start to finish. Not only that, it’s free to use.

With Ludo’s AI data centre, users can monitor gaming trends, allowing developers to see what type of games are popular and where there is a potential opportunity. Since the launch of Ludo, it has been providing exciting new concepts to developers, generating hundreds of ideas an hour at just a click of a button. Simply input keywords through the power of AI, and Ludo does the rest.

The amount of pressure on studios to reinvent the wheel continues to put stress and strain on developers. By making it easier to ideate and research, Ludo gives users back time to develop. It supports them to create new ideas and develop new game mechanics, all because of AI.

Utku Aktaş: Could you explain how the Image Generator works? What is the process? 

Tom Pigott: Ludo’s free Image Generator is the first of its kind and the only Image Generator focused purely on gaming. Ludo uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan millions of relevant images, providing creators with inspiration for icons and artwork. This allows it to generate images based on keywords or game title searches, making it a truly unique tool for game developers worldwide.

The Image Generator is currently in BETA because it is still continuing to learn and get more intuitive as people test it. We are very excited to see how it develops and grows over time.

Utku Aktaş: Are there any new features like the Image Generator in your mind for the foreseeable future?  

Tom Pigott: Ludo is constantly improving. Since it launched in 2021, we have added multiple new features to the platform, including the Icon and Image Search feature, Trends and Charts, and the Image Generator.

We believe it is very important to continue to evolve and expand our toolkit to meet developer needs. Technology is growing and changing at such a rapid rate, Ludo needs to do the same, so I think there will definitely be new updates in the foreseeable future.

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