Leading hyper-casual publishers partner with JoyPac to enter Chinese market

Chinese mobile game market specialist JoyPac met with three of Europe’s leading hyper-casual game publishers.
JoyPac partners with 3 leading hyper-casual publishers in Europe.
JoyPac partners with 3 leading hyper-casual publishers in Europe.

Renowned game publisher JoyPac has announced that it will form a number of partnerships with some of the top names in hyper-casual gaming, Ketchapp, BoomBit, and Gismart, to help market games like Samurai Slash, Shoe Race and Pencil Rush to Chinese mobile gamers.

The three companies partnering with JoyPac have released numerous successful hyper-casual games that have reached hundreds of millions of downloads. However, its success in the US and European markets is quite different from the Chinese market, where JoyPac is the main expert and where its experience comes into play.

Specializing in launching western-made hyper-casual games by localizing them in China, JoyPac has a reputation for successfully solving the complexities of the Chinese mobile game market. Games released in China not only need to meet different legal requirements, but the marketing landscape for games in China has taken a completely different turn, thanks to the dominance of extensive social media platforms such as DouYin, Kuaishou, WeiBo, and WeChat.

Shoe Race - Samurai Slash - Pencil Rush
Shoe Race – Samurai Slash – Pencil Rush

Gonçalo Martins, Marketing Manager at BoomBit, said, “After hitting #1 on iOS with Shoe Race, it was very important for us to find the perfect partner to conquer China’s Top Charts as well. With JoyPac we were able to do this pretty quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to the JoyPac team, Shoe Race it has become a real-world phenomenon now!” made his comment.

“JoyPac has been extremely helpful in increasing the potential of our games in the Chinese market through seamless and effective localization and transparent communication,” said Maxime Jagu, Ketchapp Editorial Manager.

Chinese mobile game revenues increased by 31% year-on-year

China remains one of the largest markets in the world, if not yet for mobile games. According to Chinese market experts Niko Partners, local mobile gaming revenue increased by 31% year-on-year to reach $29.2 billion in 2020, the highest growth rate since 2017. The latest data from NewZoo, one of the gaming industry analysts, estimates that mobile games will constitute 52% of the 90.7 billion dollars that will be generated in the global gaming industry this year.

JoyPac Publishing Manager Vivian Dong commented on the subject as follows:

“It’s great to have the opportunity to work with games from such well-known publishers and we look forward to helping them make a splash with Chinese mobile gamers. Although the Chinese market has become much more competitive in recent years, hyper-casual is starting to become more popular, with around 25% of the games in the top 20 download lists from Western developers. It must be a good time for Western developers to enter this market with hyper-casual games.”

For hyper-casual developers and publishers who want to expand into China or think that the current Chinese strategy can be improved, JoyPac will be at ChinaJoy, Asia’s largest show dedicated to the gaming industry. ChinaJoy will take place from 29-31 July in Shanghai.

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