Kingdom Come: Deliverance surpasses 5.5M copies sold in five years

Warhorse Studios and Prime Matter celebrated the fifth anniversary of the popular action RPG.

Developer Warhorse Studios and publisher Prime Matter have announced that Kingdom Come: Deliverance has sold over 5.5 million copies. The announcement came on the fifth anniversary of the title, which initially launched in 2018.

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The duo stated that Kingdom Come: Deliverance now has two new fully synchronised language packs for PC versions of the game: Czech and Japanese, along with a new trailer to mark its fifth year in existence. The companies also mentioned that a fan and community initiative made the new language packs.

Warhorse Studios and Prime Matter commented:

“With now over five and a half million copies sold and over 30 global awards, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now an established classic among RPG aficionados and history buffs alike and is still one of the most immersive RPGs to date.”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance managed to receive a lot of positive reviews from players and critics alike. The action RPG has received over 77,000 positive reviews on Steam, with 82% being positive and amassed over 30 global awards.

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