Kwalee’s portfolio of games reaches one billion installs

The total number of installs of the game developer and publisher Kwalee has surpassed the one billion mark for the first time.

Founded in 2011 by David Darling, co-founder and former CEO of Codemasters, developer, and publisher of games like Draw It, Rocket Sky, Bake It, and Let’s Be Cops 3D has surpassed one billion installs. With offices in India, China, and Portugal, the company has more than 45 games that have achieved the top of the charts. The games in Kwalee’s portfolio surpassed 200 million installs last year.

Kwalee CEO, David Darling CBE, says, 

“We’re elated to reach this milestone. As a founder of Kwalee and someone with a long history in the games industry, it’s incredibly rewarding to see us reach this level of success. I’ve always been passionate about creating games that bring joy and entertainment to people, and to have reached one billion installs is a clear indication that we’ve been able to achieve that goal.

He also added: 

“We’ve always believed in the potential of mobile games as a medium to connect people from all walks of life. I’m incredibly proud of our team and their work to get us to this point, and I’m excited to still be playing Kwalee games when we hit 2 billion installs.”

Kwalee attributes this success to the creative and cooperative culture that’s prevalent in the company. Making it very attractive to the top talent in the industry, Kwalee’s teams handle tens of thousands of applications a month for its many remote and hybrid vacancies.

Other applications have a part in the company’s success, such as “Creative Wednesdays”, where the team members in all aspects of the business are given the freedom to pitch games and get a share in the profits if they become a success. Also, all Kwalee team gather in person or remotely to share news and trends and play a new game together.

Kwalee also credits its strong community of third-party game developers worldwide, in addition to their in-house teams. Games like Rocket Sky, Let’s Be Cops 3D, and Build Your Vehicle were developed by such teams. They became successful with marketing, monetization, funding, and development expertise from Kwalee’s teams. Approximately one-tenth of one billion installs have come from such third-party developers.

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