LootMogul and Aftermath Islands announce sports-focused multi-chain partnership

The main goal of the two companies is to bring athletes and blockchain together.
Aftermath Islands and LootMogul logos on blurred background
There are very strong names behind the companies.

LootMogul, an athletics-focused NFT, metaverse platform, and blockchain virtual reality platform Aftermath Islands announced its multi-chain partnership. The partnership’s main aim is to accelerate the adoption of topics such as the metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs by both companies and sports organizations, enabling them to perform and create immersive fan experiences.

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These actions, which will take place with a new metaverse island to be created, will be purely sports-oriented. Virtual avatars of celebrities, university students, and professional athletes will be designed to increase their Web3 activities.

According to the roadmap of LootMogul, which can be accessed through their website, the company has reached half its goals. Among the plans of the company, which wants to close the third quarter of the year with the participation of famous NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, and Olympic athletes, there are systems such as learn-to-earn and play-to-earn, as well as athlete-led communities. Also, according to the company’s roadmap, LootMogul tokens will be released in the first quarter of 2023.

Raj Rajkotia, CEO of LootMogul, has these words about the partnership:

“LootMogul is super excited about this partnership as it will help the global sports community to scale their identity across chains and will drive hyper fan adoption with avatars and personalized lands – create, secure, and customize your digital version with your real-world avatar benefits.”

LootMogul, which has strong investors such as Bahwan CyberTek, Powerhouse Ventures, U2opia Mobile, and Harmony, stands out with its partnerships with The Sandbox, Landz.io, and GDA Capital.

David Lucatch, managing director of Aftermath Islands, adds:

“We are very excited to partner with LootMogul to accelerate their Metaverse activities and bring their programs, celebrities and athletes to Aftermath Islands. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that brands and personalities stake their value in blockchain and Metaverse activities as they become the next level of consumer engagement.”

On the other hand, Aftermath Islands came to the fore with its $ 25 million token sale to LDA Capital in the past weeks. The company announced that it will use this investment to accelerate its roadmap and that they aim to strengthen its platforms.

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