Ludus Venture Studio invests in mobile game publishing platform in Asia

Ludus Studio made its third investment in Asia.
ludus venture studio
Ludus studio made its third investment.

Ludus Venture Studio expands abroad by making its 3rd investment in a mobile game publishing platform in Asia

Ludus Venture Studio led the $1.1 million investment round of Jambox, an Asian-based mobile game publishing platform, with a seed investment of $950 thousand.

Singapore-based Jambox is establishing a mobile game publishing platform that aims to compete with international players in the market by supporting indie game developers in the Southeast Asian region to expand globally.

The purpose of Jambox is to enable game developers to develop high-quality games and attract attention, increase the time spent in the game and effectively monetize their mobile games.

Concentrating on the casual and hyper-casual categories, which are very popular among the Y and Z generation, Jambox aims to provide a toolkit that integrates analytics, attribution, user acquisition and monetization, allowing developers to focus on game design and development.

Jambox will launch its platform first in Vietnam, India and Indonesia before expanding to Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Commenting on the investment round, Vikas Gulati, CEO and Founder of Jambox, said, “There is a huge market opportunity for an independent platform that can enable developers and their games to compete on a global level. Southeast Asia, in particular, has tremendous talent, and developers are keeping a close eye on their users. “Developed games have great potential and developers need the right partner and platform to grow games.”

Ludus Venture Studio said, “Mobile games are now ingrained in our lives as mainstream entertainment. We are extremely excited to join the fast-growing game market of Southeast Asia and India. We believe Jambox will solve developer problems in emerging markets such as India and Southeast Asia.”

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