Mighty Bear Games raises $10M from token sale for Web3 battle royale

Many big-tech companies participated in the company’s token sale.
Mighty Bear Games Token

Mighty Bear Games raised $10 million through a token sale to develop a web3 game called Mighty Action Heroes. According to the news reported by GamesBeat, the game will be released this year. The game will have multiplayer and a third-person camera angle and will focus on elements such as chaos, skill, and fun.

Managed by Framework Ventures, the in-game token sale tour was accompanied by many participants such as Mirana, Sfermion, Spartan, Dune Ventures, Polygon, Ready Player DAO, and Razer. Polygon Studios, also among the participants, will support Mighty Bear Games in matters such as financing and marketing. Last month, Tilting Point agreed with Polygon to strengthen and accelerate its web3 steps.

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The company has experienced founders who have worked in big companies such as King, Lucasarts, Disney, Gameloft, and Ubisoft in the past. Also, Mighty Bear co-founder Benjamin Chevalier, who worked as an Art Director at Gameloft in the past, is one of the names behind games such as Starfront, HAWX, and BattleTanks.

Simon Davis, co-founder of the company, adds the following comments about the game:

“We’ll be looking to bring the game to as many, many players as possible. Our goal is to create the world’s first Web3 sport, which is a big ambitious goal. It’s one that I’m very excited to try and tackle because someone’s going to crack that eventually.”

Apart from the Apple Arcade game Disney Melee Mania, which includes Disney characters, the company has games such as Best Friends Cafe and Butter Royale, a merge-type game. The company seems determined to bring these experiences to the Web3 space.

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