Online game job fair is coming this November

Mobidictum Career in Games has been announced!
mobidictum career in games
Mobidictum Career in Games will bring job seekers and employers together.

Mobidictum Career in Games is getting ready to bring job seekers and talent hunting companies in the game industry together. During a one-day event, attendees can follow the sessions and panels about the topics such as job application processes, career improvement, etc. Also, they will be able to apply to the job offers of the fast-growing companies in the game industry.

The event will take place on November 11, 2021, between 10:00 and 18:00 (GMT +3). There will be sessions and panel talks on employment in the gaming industry throughout the day. Besides, the leading companies in the game industry and the companies continuing their fast-growing will showcase their job offers with their stands in Virtual Expo. Attendees can visit these stands and apply to the job offers which are a good fit for them or just set up calls with the HR departments.

What can a job seeker do at Mobidictum Career in Games #1?

  • Be anonymous during the event
  • Promote yourself and your portfolio with “Personal Booth”
  • Learn job application processes from the bests
  • Get hired by the fast-growing companies in the game industry
  • Visit “Virtual Expo” and meet with the new companies
  • Set up calls with the HR department of the companies

What can an employer do at Mobidictum Career in Games #1?

  • Get a virtual stand at “Virtual Expo” and showcase your job offers
  • Watch the sessions and be informed about the latest trends
  • Highlight your job offers on the event platform
  • Set up calls with job seekers
  • Get 5 job post credits on the Mobidictum job platform

We value your privacy

One of the most important things about the event is the privacy of the attendees. Attendee profiles and their details will not visible to others. If the attendee applies to a company’s job offer, his profile will be visible to the company.However, if you allow it, the details of the session you follow may be shared with the sponsors.

Attendee profiles will be visible to others if the attendee writes on general chat, virtual stand chat, session chat, and Q&A section. Job seekers that want to be fully anonymous at the event, if they don’t do those, will be not visible to others.

Promote yourself and portfolio with Personal Booth

While employers showcase their job offers, job seekers will have a chance to promote themselves and their portfolio through Personal Booth. They can open a personal virtual stand and add their information. Here’re the things that you are able to add to your personal booth: Image, video, social media links, custom links, contact details, website, description and etc.

Personal Booth will be visible to all attendees and the profile of the attendees who created a booth will be visible to others. Therefore, if an attendee wants to be fully anonymous, they should not open a booth in Personal Booth. However, if you want to next step in your career, we suggest you create a booth and promote yourself.

The event will take place on 11 November 2021 and it’s completely free for job seekers. You can get your ticket by clicking the button below.

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