Shadow Fight 3 PC’de Nasıl Oynanır?

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 ,  created by NEKKI company, has become easily playable on PC with BlueStacks 4 . In Shadow Fight 3, which we can call Fighting and Role Playing, our goal this time is to have a dark sphere. In this fighting game that we set out for the dark sphere, we can have different attack abilities with many different items, and we can defeat the opponents by adding strength to our strength. You can also continue where you left off on the phone by logging into BlueStacks 4 with the same account. You can find the answer to your mind about the overview and gameplay in the rest of our article.

During training, we can easily use the keys assigned with BlueStacks 4.

Shadow Fight 3 Overview

First of all, we need to create a special character for ourselves in the fight game Shadow Fight 3. The game does not depend on a single gender in this regard. In addition to the gender of our character, we can make changes such as hair and hair color. It is worth paying some attention to the appearance of the character we create because we can see our character very clearly while playing with BlueStacks 4 during gameplay . In addition, the program automatically assigns keys to us. So we don’t have to adjust our keys ourselves. If we do not like the keys, we can easily change our keys with the screen that appears when entering the game.

Task map.

We said that Shadow Fight 3 has a story. So the game is progressing more in the form of missions. During our journey, we encounter opponents in places where we have to go on attacks, riots and similar events. We can use supplements in cases where we cannot beat the competitors with different rewards depending on their difficulty. While we can have stronger items with supplements, we can also open different attack methods. The items from the supplements randomly give a number of special abilities. Of course, we need to wait until our energy is full in order to use these special abilities that we can use with certain combinations during the fight. In order to fill the energy, we have to hit the opponent with accuracy.

Another way to earn the coins we get after each fight is to collect daily rewards. If we want to increase these rewards we can get when we enter the game on a daily basis, we need to watch a video that lasts on average 30 seconds. Looking at the award received, it must be said that the videos are worth watching.

He is ready to fight our opponent.

Shadow Fight 3 Gameplay

We can say that the gameplay part of the game is easier with BlueStacks 4 . We do not need to make any adjustments in the game, where we can easily move with the keys that the program automatically adjusts. Apart from that, Shadow Fight 3 puts us in training at the entrance to learn the game. As far as we learned in education, combos earn extra coins, while using the same attack type on a competitor can provide us with a negative advantage. That is, if we constantly carry out the same attack on an opponent, the opponent learns this and can be immune to this type of attack. In this way, your next same type of attack confronts you and takes your lives.

We said that there are items in the game. Some items only grant attack damage and armor, while others can also bring special abilities. To use these special abilities, we have to make some combos. These special abilities with awesome visuals come into play when we just press the keys shown on the screen and cause a lot of damage to the opponent. On the other hand, not every item has the same feature. The ability of a one-handed sword is different, while the ability of a two-handed sword is different. Naturally, the keys we need to press are also changing.

Özel yeteneklerimizi kullanırken karakterimizin rengi değişiyor.

Shadow Fight 3 İndir

This game, which you can play for free on PC with BlueStacks 4, especially the fight game lovers should try. You can also join the community by visiting the BlueStacks Discord channel . See you at weekly events!

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