Mobile-native Web3 game studio Tribo raises $1.2M in a pre-seed round

The company also introduced 2000 unique NFTs called Flameys.
Tribo Games logo on top, and on the bottom a character called Flamey that looks like a fireball

Tribo has announced $1.2 million raised in a pre-seed round for a new game studio that will develop multiplayer games using Web3 technology. The investors have been identified as Play Ventures, Sisu Games Ventures, and Joakim Achrén.

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The Helsinki-based company has also introduced unique NFTs. A one-time minting event will be held for the 2000 new NFTs named Flameys. The event will take place between October 13 and 14, and minting will be free (except the gas fee) for 24 hours straight.

CEO and Co-Founder of Tribo Games, Mika Kuusisto, has shared thoughts about the future of Web3:

“We believe that players deserve better, and Web3 will bring that change. Digital ownership and open economies are perfect building blocks for us to create breakthrough multiplayer games with true staying power.”

Borja Guillan, Co-Founder and CPO, also had comments about the new age of gaming:

“The opportunity is less about the tech and more about new design possibilities and the general expectation that there is a better way. Players are already demanding more from their games. Over the next few years, F2P audiences will migrate to player-owned economies and new types of experiences built around them. We want to lead this transition with better game services and more fulfilling experiences.”

The team of Tribo consists of veterans from the mobile game industry, previously working in big names such as King, Rovio, Wooga, InnoGames, PopCap, and Kopla. The company states that with the community’s help, the team’s focus will now be on developing Web3 games that will redefine the game industry.

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