New game platform Artie raises $10m in seed fund

Aiming to ensure that mobile games are played on social media platforms, Artie received a raises $10m seed fund.
Artie Raises $10M in Seed Funding.

Aiming to ensure that mobile games are played on social media platforms, Artie received a raises $10m seed fund. Thanks to the investment, the platform is planned to be launched later this year.

Artie will reduce customer acquisition costs

What do we do when we wonder about a mobile game and decide to download it? First of all, we open the app store on our device, find the game and download it from the store. It’s like going to the grocery store to buy a product. Similarly, when we make an in-game purchase, we connect to the app store’s payment system.

Artie is creating a platform that will eliminate intermediaries and allow us to play mobile games directly on any social media platform. The company, which received a $10 million seed fund this week, aims to eliminate the difficulties of downloading mobile apps.

“Artie’s technology allowing consumers to play high-quality mobile games the instant they discover them,” said Artie co-founder and CTO Armando Kirwin.

One of Artie’s biggest goals right now is to reduce user acquisition costs for developers. The 30% fee that app stores insist can be annoying for mobile app owners. Indeed, last year the issue was the trigger of a war between Epic, Google and Apple. Fortnite was removed from Google Play and App Store due to Epic’s move, which brought its own payment system for in-app purchases.

Even large companies have to accept this fee, while smaller studios can’t even speak out due to the risk of being removed from the stores. Aiming to be a solution to this, Artie will allow mobile games to be played instantly on any social media or messaging platform.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make the economics of the mobile games business work,” said co-founder and CEO Ryan Horrigan. “Between the rising cost of user acquisition within the app store ecosystem, the inherent friction that comes with app downloads, and the onerous 30% cut that app stores take, it’s nearly impossible. Our platform solves this.”

The company, with team members from Activision/Blizzard, Jam City, Playtika, Infinity Ward, Disney, Snap, Mozilla, and Facebook, will use the fund to advancing its technology platform and unveiling its first slate of games later this year.

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