Noice raised 5 million dollars of investment

Noice’s first funding round was successful.

Finland-based startup Noice raised a total of $5 million in its first funding round.

Noice is looking for new members to its team.

Who participated in the Noice funding round?

Noice was founded by Jussi Laakkonen, founder of Applifier, a mobile gaming video sharing company that Unity Technologies acquired in 2014. Jussi Laakkonen works with lead game designer and co-founder Jenni Wilson. They have yet to reveal what they are producing as they claim that the content being created combines deep gaming systems with engaging social design.

Investors in Noice’s first funding round:

  • Laakkonen (founder and CEO of Noice),
  • David Helgason (co-founder of Unity Technologies),
  • Ilkka Paananen (CEO of Supercell),
  • Pekka Aakko (co-founder of Applifier),
  • Bret Terrill (co-founder of Super Free Games),
  • Kristian Segerstråhle (CEO of Super Evil Megacorp),
  • Miki Kuusi (CEO of Wolt),
  • Riku Mäkelä (co-founder of Wolt),
  • Markus Mäki (President of Remedy Entertainment),
  • Alexis Bonte (Chief operating officer of Stillfront Group).

Laakkonen noted that Noice’s founding team members created Unity Ads, increasing gross revenue to $100 million, and Applifier’s Everyplay for tens of millions of shared mobile game replays. They also created Applifier’s cross-promotion network to 250 million monthly active users.

“Noice is a social platform for gamers,” Laakkonen said. “The first thing to consider when designing for gamers is what your audience likes. They like to play games and most social media are not like games. This is boring. With this fundamental innovation, we approach everything as a fun social platform.”

“We want to make this platform feel like a game from start to finish, from the first moment you touch the platform to many years of being a user,” Wilson said. “It’s not just an achievement system, it means exploring game loops, having a metagame. We want players to identify moments and immediately celebrate and communicate.”

Laakkonen said the new platform is in the early testing phase and has seen phenomenal user engagement. Currently, the company employs 18 people and recruits for more than 15 positions. The company does not yet have an office, but most of its employees work in Helsinki, while others work from around the world.

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