North America leads the blockchain game investment in H1 2022

North America stands out with its investments.
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According to the company, there is no data indicating that investments have decreased.

Hiro Capital, which stands out with its technology investments in the UK, European, and North American regions, shared its blockchain game industry investment report for the year’s first half. The report focuses situation of the areas with market analysis it includes.

Hiro Capital, who started the report by addressing the declines in crypto investment activities, says that this situation is not yet clear. The data shows that Companies made 36 deals and $516 million in investments even in June, the month of the year when it was the most unsuccessful in blockchain and metaverse investments.

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$424 million of the investments were made through standard VC investments, while the remaining $92 million was made through token sales. Hiro listed the distribution of these investments by the company as follows:

  • Magic Eden – $130 million, Series B
  • Illvium – $72 million, NFT land sale
  • Wildcard Alliance – $46 million, Series A
  • Fanclash – $40 million, Series B
  • Cryptotoys – $23 million, Series A

Comparing these investments with $357 million and $153 million, respectively, in October and December of last year, Hiro says that the amounts are more significant this year to explain that the investments are not low. When it comes to the reason for the comparison with October and December, such investments were made earlier than the months when they were announced to the public.

When it comes to May, it is seen that it is the most invested month of all time. The total investment amount is $1.4 billion, but you can see in the table that almost $400 million of this investment are realized through token and NFT sales.

In the first quarter of this year, companies made an investment of 2.8 billion dollars. Combined with the $2.5 billion investment made in Q2 2022, this number reaches $5.3 billion, and according to Hiro, most of this amount is pre and seed financing. When we separate the investments according to their types, we see the following results in June;

  • Pre/Seed — 21 deals
  • Series A — 5 deals
  • Series B — 2 deals
  • Strategic — 2 deals
  • Ecosystem — 2 deals
  • NFT/token sales — 3 deals

North America is a leader in investments

North America has had the majority of investments, thanks to many large tech firms and startups. Having collected $296 million in investments with 18 deals in June alone, the region is ahead of its closest competitor, the European region, by $217 million and 11 deals.

North America, which has come to the fore since October last year, seems to maintain its leadership healthily. However, we see that regions such as the Philippines and Vietnam stand out through companies such as Yield Guild Gaming and Sky Mavis.

The report provides excellent information on investments made in the year’s first half. To access the full report, click here and access the company’s Medium article. However, the investments that will take place in the year’s second quarter are of great importance. Recent investments and the report created by Newzoo show that the gold rush period in the industry is not over yet and will not end for a certain period.

For example, Playstudios, which owns an essential franchise like Tetris, set up a blockchain division and allocated $10 million last month. In addition, the $25 million investment of Aftermath Islands has also attracted attention.

Although one group says VCs will cut these investments, McKinsey & Co. doesn’t think like that. The company said that with its research, the metaverse will reach a value of $ 5 trillion by 2030. There is no other option but to wait and see. It is pretty exciting to see the evolution of the metaverse and blockchain.

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