OKX Ventures announces pre-seed round investment in Cellula

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, and Web3 technology company, has announced its participation in the pre-seed investment round for Cellula, a fully on-chain AI game.

Cellula introduces a novel concept by creating a virtual world based on Conway’s Game of Life. Users can craft unique digital lives called “Bitlife” using digital cells known as “Bitcell” on the Crafting table. These digital creations evolve on-chain, offering endless possibilities within the GameFi ecosystem.

The game implements a Virtual Proof of Work (vPOW) asset distribution method, providing an innovative incentive layer for activities within the Cellula ecosystem. Cellula adopts Bitcoin mining rules, allowing each Bitlife to possess its own hash rate and generate incentives through mining. Bitlife can autonomously execute tasks across multiple chains through a programmable incentive mechanism, evolving into an on-chain AI agent.

Dora Yue, Founder of OKX Ventures, expressed enthusiasm for the investment, emphasizing Cellula’s innovative blend of blockchain technology, game theory, and artificial intelligence. Yue highlighted Cellula’s appeal to a diverse audience, including gamers, researchers, computer scientists, engineers, artists, and educators. She noted that the project is a collaborative platform, fostering exploration and research in artificial life, evolution, and biodiversity through gamification.

OKX Ventures’ investment in Cellula underscores its commitment to supporting groundbreaking projects at the intersection of blockchain and gaming, aiming to inspire further research and innovation in related fields.

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