Estonian mobile gaming startup raises $6 million

Estonian startup Original Games received $6 million from a seed investment round led by Play Ventures.
original games estonia
Original Games will expand its team and portfolio with the investment it has received.

Original Games, a mobile gaming startup founded in Estonia in 2019 and headquartered in Tallinn, announced that it has received a seed investment of 6 million dollars. Specializing in the category of casual mobile games, the Original Games team primarily aims to expand its team with the investment it has received.

Original Games’ investors include Play Ventures, Anton Gauffin, Riccardo Zacconi and Kristian Segerstrale. Emphasizing that one of its goals is to develop games that have universal appeal and have a high interaction rate with players, the startup seems to make a name for itself in the mobile game industry after this investment.

The Original Games team includes Rovio, MZ, Wooga, and EA graduates working on casual games that blend universal accessibility and high interaction. The company already has many open positions for its office in Russia. Some of these positions include game developer, data engineer, game analyst, game designer, and user acquisition manager.

Merge Inn Original Games
Merge Inn

There is a casual-puzzle game called Merge Inn, which Original Games released last July. The game, which is highly loved by the audience and managed to score 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play, exceeded 100 thousand downloads on Google Play.

At the Merge Inn, your goal is to help Maisie and her trusted assistant chef, Mort, fill his restaurant’s customers. Along the way, you’ll discover many new recipes and foods, improve your kitchen, learn new exciting dishes, and take on challenging side quests.

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