Opportunity for game developers: Pärnu Games Incubator

8 weeks of game development consulting.
Pärnu Games Incubator
Pärnu Games Incubator

If you are already developing a game and are looking forward to launching your game, the Pärnu Games Incubator may be for you. Estonia-based game developer Gamecan, joining forces with Peter Vesterbacka and Finnish Game Incubator, brings you the Pärnu Games Incubator, along with free 8 weeks of game development consulting for all selected teams.

The summer of game developments starts on July 5th, 2021. If you are working on a video game with your small team and need advice on game stores and platforms, be sure to take a look at the Pärnu Games Incubator!

The whole team of Gamecan will be there!

Aiming to assist the development and sales processes of the game you are working on, the Pärnu Games Incubator is preparing to provide the support you need in the sunny city of Pärnu, Estonia. In this 8-week course program, CEOs of game companies and experts from all corners of the game industry will mentor and the course will be completely free.


In addition, the Pärnu Games Incubator, which has joined forces with the game studio Gamecan, will include the Founder of Mobidictum, Batuhan Avucan, who is also Gamecan’s Marketing Manager and Partner. Plus the entire Gamecan game studio with over 30 people will be there to assist you with anything you need for your game and team.

Here’s how the format works: while you’re working on your game, you must also attend a weekly class on game development once a week. You can then schedule one-on-one time with the weekly advisor to assist your game studio and get accurate feedback on your game.

Antti Hietikko, Founder of Nighthouse Games and developer of Sockventure, says:

“We wouldn’t have a publisher without Tampere Game Hub. It’s been a great jump start for our career. Finnish Game Incubator provided an environment of pure game business that shared honest, concrete feedback for us. Thanks to Tampere Game Hub and the Finnish Game Incubator, we learned how to pitch and talk to publishers and investors – culminating in concrete help with our publisher negotiations.”

What awaits you in the Pärnu Games Incubator?

The course will run once a week (usually on Wednesdays, depending on mentors) from July 5th. We’ve also included the curriculum below, which includes mentors and variable topics, tailored to your games.

  • Game Business Opportunities with Tomi Toikka (Director, Tampere Game Hub) and Marten Palu (CEO, Gamecan)
  • Game Development Pipeline (game, monetization, retention) with Tomi Toikka and Flavio Pontes (CTO, Gamecan)
  • Pitch Deck (Mentor to be announced soon!)
  • Fundraising with Antti Sartanen (CEO, Return Entertainment)
  • Marketing and Social Media with Steve Stewart (Head of Communications, Dreamloop)
  • Communication and public relations with the guest mentor (Mentor will be announced soon!)
  • Service sales and pricing with Jyri Partanen (CEO, Sampogames)
  • Public finance and cash flow planning with Jyri Partanen
  • Field training and feedback with Peter Vesterbacka (FinEst Bay Area)
  • Legal and HR with a guest mentor (Mentor to be announced soon!)
  • 2021 Demo Day with presentations from all teams

The Pärnu Games Incubator aims to bring together the best of the best, including CEOs, founders, marketing experts, and investors, to help you get your game out and sell well.

Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio and FinEst Bay Area will be one of the mentors on the Pärnu Games Incubator course. Also, The course is run by Marten Palu (CEO of Gamecan) and Tomi Toikka (Tampere Game Hub, formerly Catland), who know the game industry ins and outs.

The beautiful beach of Pärnu

However, you will also get the chance to wander around in the beautiful city of Estonia. You can bring your team to Pärnu for the duration of the course; there are excellent incubation spaces with all you need to work on your dream game. Once a week, the incubator will give you all the mentoring to get your game in the hands of investors, publishers, and the global market – the rest of the time you can work on your game and enjoy the beach. You can check out the guide you need to learn more about Estonia.

Conditions to participate in the Pärnu Games Incubator

  • You must have an ongoing game project to find help, funding, publishers, or investors during the production phase of your game. Also, you need to already have something to showcase from your game project and have at least two people on your team. 
  • The course is completely free for all selected teams. It’s up to you to get to Pärnu and book accommodation.
  • It is highly recommended to transport your team to Pärnu, Estonia for the duration of the course. It is possible to set up remote teams via Discord, but we recommend that you come to Pärnu for the course.
  • You must attend classes in the 8-week Pärnu Games Incubator course once a week.
  • At the Demo Day event, you are required to make a presentation at the end of the course and submit your presentation.

About Gamecan

Gamecan is a game development studio based in Estonia. They have been in the business of developing quality video games since 2015. Their team is extremely passionate about creating the best play experiences. From concept to design, pre-production to console porting, from monetization advisory to full local and online multiplayer development. They are heavily specialized in Unreal Engine and passionate about creating the most fun experiences with it.

Overstep, game by Gamecan
Overstep, game by Gamecan

Gamecan is also the developer of the award-winning game Overstep which is a high-quality third-person shooter game. The game has won two awards in 2019: “Best of the Best Award” and “Audience Choice Award”. Overstep is available on PC and Xbox platforms.

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