Play-to-earn NFT football game CyBall raises $1.8M

Investments in play-to-earn games continue. A new NFT football game is on the rise with the investment in the CyBall team.
Cyball investment bitkraft
Introducing the new NFT football game: CyBall

The number of play-to-earn games is increasing day by day. After Sorare, a new NFT football game alternative appeared. CyBall, a new football-themed NFT-based play-to-earn game, has raised $1.8 million.

Bitkraft Ventures, which we are familiar with from similar activities, undertook the management of the financing round. The mentioned funding round includes investors such as Animoca Brands, who have made many NFT and blockchain investments. In addition, leading industry names such as Ascensive Assets, Merit Circle, Yield Guild Games, SkyVision Capital took their place among the investors.

CyBall resides on the Solana and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains. CyBall is a turn-based football card game where players collect and battle fantastic NFT characters, the CyBlocs. CyBlocs appear as collectible, trainable, and also tradable NFT items.

The developer company states that it will use the $1.8 million investment it has received to strengthen its team and accelerate the game’s development. Tin Tran, the Co-Founder of CyBall, said:

“The team at CyBall is extremely honored to introduce our amazing lineup of seed round backers, who will join us in pioneering this powerful movement within the GameFi industry. Games have always been one of the most popular mediums for players, entertainers, creators, and innovators to perform, socialize and enjoy memorable experiences together. Still, games have yet to reach a more mainstream audience. We incorporated football, the world’s most popular sport, to reach a new audience that might not have experienced the rewards of blockchain gaming.”

The CyBall game ecosystem includes CyLoans, which offers opportunities to lend in-game NFTs and share revenues. With this system, it is aimed to reduce the high costs required to obtain in-game values.

Malte Barth, the Co-Founder of Bitkraft Ventures, said:

“The CyBall team impressed us as they are highly skilled and driven game developers, engineers, and crypto-experts who have created sophisticated gameplay experiences for play-to-earn users. The team supports the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by developing a play-to-earn game which, due to its football-inspired theme and familiar gameplay, easily attracts fans of a relatable, widely loved global sport. CyBall caters to a wide range of demographics, while also serving as the bridge between players and blockchain technology through the game’s CyBloc universe.”

In the future, CyBall also plans to launch CyDex, a marketplace where players can buy and sell crypto assets and NFTs. This market aims to support the cash flow between the players and facilitate trade.

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