Playumm is preparing to release the main game of Fırat: NFT GAME

The main game of Fırat: NFT Game, which has attracted significant interest since the day it was announced, is coming in February 2022.
Fırat NFTs increased their value in a short time.

Fırat: NFT GAME, announced as an NFT card game in the past few days, is approaching the final stage. Leaving 2021 behind, the Fırat team, which has released a special mini-game for the New Year, states that even mini-games impact this ecosystem.

During the New Year event, rewards were distributed to players through AVAX. The game and its NFTs, which have a cute cartoon structure with a profitable concept for the new year, attracted great attention. Fırat NFTs offered for sale at 0.75 AVAX doubled their value in a short time, like a week.

Fırat’s Christmas minigame had a cute look with its snowy concept.

Playumm Founder Sevgin Şen stated in his post that some special Fırat NFTs had gained value up to 80 AVAX. The developer team plans to release the main game in February.

NFT card games are on the rise worldwide, and their numbers are increasing day by day. Doubling NFT prices even before the main game is released, Fırat is also a card game. Bursa-based studio Playumm is developing this play-to-earn-based game. Based on the cartoons of Uykusuz, the game combines a fun theme with NFT elements. The game, which is planned to be released in February, is eagerly awaited by fans and investors.

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