PUBG Mobile enters the Age of the Dinosaur in version 2.6

Dinoground, a dinosaur-themed event that brings new areas, rideable dinosaurs, items and more.

PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, is launching its new Version 2.6 Update, including a multi-map transformation set to transport players back millions of years. In addition to these roar-some changes, World of Wonder enters the next phase of its rollout with exciting updates in map editing and game mode design features.

PUBG MOBILE is going prehistoric in its Version 2.6 Update with the introduction of the Dinoground, from May 16th to June 18th. Players should be on the lookout for Dino Settlements in Erangel and Livik stocked full of supplies to grab. Also, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of dinosaurs, will spawn in the settlement’s Fossil Keep randomly during the match, prompting players to destroy the keep’s gate in order to unleash and ride it.

Also coming in Version 2.6 Update, PUBG MOBILE’s landmark creative mode, World of Wonder, is expanding. More players will now be able to join the fun and build to their heart’s content, as a host of important upgrades and improvements arrive to turn player creations into masterpieces. World of Wonder will also introduce a new multiplayer platformer racing template option that allows for the placement of a variety of hidden traps that challenges players’ skills.

The Version 2.6 Update also debuts several Cycle 4 Season 12 updates, with additional new content, rewards, and cosmetics to unlock and enjoy. This version’s Royale Pass Ace, previously named Royale Pass Month, is bringing new core rewards, Season Missions, and an intriguing backstory to align with the launch of Dinoground.

PUBG Mobile is free to download and play on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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