PUBG Mobile: What Is Companion and How To Unlock It?

PUBG Mobile Companion

We will explain how to make companion in PUBG Mobile in this guide.

How to Unlock a Companion in PUBG Mobile?

With the update published in PUBG Mobile, Falcon came to the game and you have some tasks to do to have this falcon.

Hunting Guide with Falcon

One of the most predatory predators on the planet. It can be seen along the polar coasts, in the arctic tundras, and in North America, Europe, and Asia. Falcons have been good companions to hunters for centuries. Traces of these creatures have once been seen from the Erangel cliffs. The falcons, which were used as war animals for a long time, gained the respect of the warriors with their reliable structures! Since they have adapted to the climate of Erangel, they are ready to fight with their masters in any condition.

How to Get Falcon in PUBG Mobile?

Traces of falcons are found in Erangel. Recently, more and more adventurers are learning to train falcons. You can also train your first companion in PUBG Mobile by visiting the Companions section.

To obtain Companions, enter the Companion page in the Workshop. You can unlock all falcon actions by increasing the falcon level. Complete the missions to collect the pieces and trade them for a falcon according to the Companions rules, or buy one from the Shop for 25 UC!

What you need to do about how to get companions in PUBG Mobile is that simple, you can also click on the bird nests you find in the game and get that game falcon.

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