RocketRide Games collaborates with Double Black Capital 

RocketRide Games has partnered with Double Black Capital to provide comprehensive consulting services to game studios. 

RocketRide Game (RRG), a game consulting agency offering expertise in game production, publishing, and business development, is partnering with Double Black Capital (DBC), an investment bank and growth advisor renowned for strategic planning in funding and exit opportunities.

This partnership introduces a 360-degree game consulting expertise specifically tailored for studios operating in the game industry. What sets this collaboration apart is the commitment to providing a dual perspective, combining game production and financial insights for clients.

A significant aspect of this collaboration is the infusion of DBC’s financial expertise into typical game consultations. From DBC’s expertise in executing $11 billion of M&A value, clients can benefit from a holistic industry view. This blend ensures a comprehensive understanding that fuses creative vision with an insight into financial strategies, funding dynamics, and optimal exit opportunities.

By bringing together RRG’s game development insights and DBC’s financial proficiency, the partnership aims to empower studios with an understanding of the gaming landscape. Whether it’s maximizing Return on Investment (ROI), navigating funding challenges, or strategically planning for long-term success, clients can expect comprehensive coverage from every angle.

This collaboration reflects a strategic effort to provide collaborative insights beyond traditional consulting boundaries. As RRG and DBC join forces, they are poised to deliver a one-stop solution that addresses the multifaceted challenges and opportunities within the game industry. The focus is on enhancing game development and ensuring a financially strategic approach to long-term success in an ever-evolving market.

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