Room 8 Group launches a new mobile game developer named Solid Bash

The new brand will have Matthew Zoern as the Vice President of Games.
Solid Bash's logo on a blue background

Ukraine-based Room 8 Group announced a new mobile game division called Solid Bash. The new studio has over 160 employees focused on making mobile games. Solid Bash is also “the first brand within the Group to form the Mobile Service Line.” per the official press release.

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Solid Bash will operate across eight locations and will have offices in Canada, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. The newly formed studio has the experienced game maker Matthew Zoern in the lead, as the Vice President of Games.

Zoern’s management team includes Benjamin Troy Drysdale as Head of Technology, Benjamin Paquette as Head of Creative, and Jerome Boulon as Head of Production.

Matthew Zoern believes the mobile division of Room 8 Group will accomplish great things. The industry veteran said:

“After almost two decades in video games, I am so proud to be a part of the Solid Bash team, who share a deep passion for gaming and sincerely love what they do. Our core mission is to support our partners by creating outstanding game experiences that live up to—and exceed—our client’s and players’ expectations.”

Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi, Chairman of Room 8 Group also commented:

Seeing new brands created within the Group is a phenomenal experience, showcasing the growth of our company. Staying inventive, brave, and open to new challenges allowed the Games Division to constantly evolve and diversify our approaches.

Solid Bash establishment is a natural next step and an exciting new page in our 11-year history. With numerous outstanding clients already working with Room 8 Group, and so many potential partners we aim to cooperate with, I am sure that Solid Bash has a great and promising future.”

Lana Savitskaya, Head of Mobile Service Line at Room 8 Group believes forming of Solid Bash is a logical continuation of Room 8’s strategic development. She says, the team has been co-developing some “exceptional” mobile titles as part of the Games Division of Room 8 and adds the following comment:

“This move will give Mobile Service Line the possibility to experiment, further strengthen the expertise, and be focused on delivering outstanding experiences for players. While Solid Bash is a new brand, the people that became its foundation are the team of dedicated Room 8 Group professionals creating first-class mobile games for 11 years now.”

Room 8 Group acquired a Seattle-based art studio, Massive Black back in March 2022 and expanded its operations to the United States.

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