Salad Ventures launches blockchain games course platform Salad Academy

The rise of play-to-earn games and NFTs brought new fields of work. Salad Ventures has launched its massive online course platform, Salad Academy.
Salad Academy Play to Earn (1)
Salad Academy teaches ways to make money from games.

Salad Ventures has launched a new course platform so that everyone can benefit more from the play-to-earn system. Hailed as GameFi’s Udemy, Salad Academy offers gamers a comprehensive introduction to rapidly evolving blockchain games. Salad Academy will be the new guide in the world of money-making blockchain games.

GameFi is a combination of the words “Game” and the abbreviation of decentralized economy “DeFi” and refers to games that make money. Gamified finance mechanics create the GameFi ecosystem so that players can earn money. Salad Academy aims to ensure that this ecosystem is sustainable, accessible, and profitable for all.

The Udemy of GameFi

Established in May of this year as a play-to-earn guild, Salad will present a three-tier bid to GameFi and the play-to-earn ecosystem. Regarding this, Felix Sim, Co-Founder and Project Leader, says:

“Play-to-earn is the start of Work 3.0. While most guilds are focused on aggressive asset acquisition and yield, Salad’s North Star is infrastructure and education. This approach will enable the entire Play-to-earn industry to build  sustainable value for all stakeholders.” 

At Salad Academy, dubbed GameFi’s Udemy, courses started with an Axie Infinity focus. Today, courses for games such as Mines of Dalarnia, Happyland, MiniRoyale are added to the platform. The courses consist of videos, presentations, and various educational content. In addition, there is a test system. Those who pass this test with a success rate of more than 80% are given the “NFT-impact” certificate.

The academics within the project’s scope are called “Apollo Squad.” Apollo Squad is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 1,000 scholars by the end of the year.

The project has already attracted the attention of many investors.

The project, which is only six months old, has attracted the attention of many investors. Salad has also developed its own ‘GuildOS.’ Salad’s systematic play-to-earn vision attracts interest from leading investors such as Multicoin Capital, Kosmos Ventures, Rarestone. It is also supported by industry leaders such as Santiago R Santos, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, Jack Herrick, Ryan Zurrer, Matteo Franceschetti, Savneet Singh, and Tin Nguyen.

Multicoin Capital partner Mable Jiang said:

“We have always been looking for a systematic way to embrace the new paradigm of labor relations in the Web3 world. Salad Academy and  GuildOS, both under Salad Ventures, will complement each other hand-in-hand: the former will structurally improve the labor quality and train specialized labor for the supply side. The latter will optimize the operation and management of different guilds on the demand side. We are thrilled to back Felix and the team to empower the Web3 labor market. We believe they are  the right team for this grand vision with their operational expertise in Apollo Squad and their past  background.”

Prominent Web3 investor Santiago R Santos added:

“Guilds have proven to be incredibly important onboarding funnels for new users venturing into Web3. I love Salad’s approach focused on providing the most comprehensive curriculum to educate users. The opportunity  here is for Salad to become the go-to Web3 university, and I’m excited to back Felix and the  team in this journey.”

Salad Ventures continues its partnership work. It is possible to foresee that the company will be the subject of new investment news. At the same time, Salad Ventures will be recruiting many positions such as product manager, developer, UX specialist, and experienced manager to develop the team.

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