Samsung Gaming Hub brings GeForce Now, Xbox and Stadia to its 2022 TVs

In CES 2022, Samsung announced that it will bring Xbox, Stadia, and GeForce Now applications to its new generation TVs with the Samsung Gaming Hub. Also, Amazon Luna is on the way.
Samsung Gaming Hub
Samsung will bring many applications to its new generation TVs.

By participating in CES 2022, Samsung announced that it is making the Samsung Gaming Hub available to all new generation Samsung Smart TVs without needing additional hardware. This move makes Xbox Cloud Gaming available from all next-gen Samsung TVs via the Gaming Hub.

Cloud gaming technologies such as Google Stadia and GeForce Now will be integrated into the Gaming Hub and will be available to players. In this way, players will take their gaming experience to the next level with a stable internet connection without needing any device.

Supported by the Tizen, Samsung Gaming Hub also includes integrated music and broadcast systems. In addition, players can continue using their own headphones and controllers without purchasing any extra hardware. Samsung also announced at its CES 2022 presentation that it had reduced latency by more than 30% in its televisions with new generation technologies compared to previous generations.

Won-Jin Lee, President of Samsung Electronics and Head of the Service Business Team, gave the following words in the presentation;

“The Samsung Gaming Hub combines Samsung’s leadership in streaming technology with our experience in creating the industry’s most cutting-edge hardware, removing the barriers to entry so people can just play. With expanding partnerships across leading game streaming services and expert-curated recommendations, players will be able to easily browse and discover games from the widest selection available, regardless of platform.”

In addition, the game graphics can be optimized and upgraded to 4K and 8K resolutions with Samsung’s AI upscaling technology.

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