Sony to end Accolades feature on PlayStation 5 this fall

Not enough players were using the flagship feature.
The top side of a Sony PlayStation 5

One of the flagship features of PlayStation 5 is being retired by Sony. The gaming giant announced on its official website that the Accolades feature on PlayStation 5 consoles will no longer be supported come the fall of 2022.

Sony was quite clear about why the award program is being shut down: the feature simply wasn’t being used enough. The official PlayStation website says the awards system hasn’t seen the level of usage Sony anticipated, and for that reason, the Tech Giant decided to end the feature. The firm encourages the community to continue sending positive messages, though.

PlayStation bosses were hoping this feature would bring interactivity and positive vibes to the community, but it seems like it just didn’t land with PS5 players. Sony says they’ll be looking for another way to bring a positive gaming experience to players, but for the time being what this new system/feature will be is a mystery, if it will ever surface that is.

While losing “a key feature” under normal circumstances should affect the sales of a video game console, this one surely won’t hurt the sales at all. In fact, PlayStation 5 sales recently crossed 21.7 million units and Sony is ramping up the production of PS5 for the rest of the year.

The company also closed Bungie’s acquisition in mid-July 2022, so things are certainly going in the right direction for the Japanese console maker. PlayStation has been investing in the esports market as well, as they’ve recently acquired one of the largest esports tournament platforms in the world.

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