A special version of Arena of Valor will be developed for the 2022 Asian Games

Tencent has announced that it will develop a special edition of the famous MOBA Arena of Valor for the 2022 Asian Games.
Arena of Valor 2022 Asian Games
Tencent has announced that it will develop a special version of Arena of Valor for the 2022 Asian Games.

Tencent‘s popular MOBA game Arena of Valor is one of eight esports games selected for the 2022 Asian Games. In the press release, Tencent announced that a separate version of the game is being made for Asian Games.

Stating that the commercial, social and other non-combat systems of the game will be reduced in the Asian Games version of Arena of Valor, Tencent said that Arena of Valor will focus on the core competitive features.

As we know, there are two different versions of the game. The global version is called Arena of Valor, while the Chinese version of the game is known as Honor of Kings. The version of the game specially developed for the Asian Games will include heroes from both games, in other words, this version will include the features of both games.

The Arena of Valor team gave the following words in the broadcast;

“The competitive spirit that has made Arena of Valor so popular around the world is what makes this such an honor. And with it, we will provide comprehensive support in areas like game development, event operations, athlete selection, training management, and anti-doping.”

Arena of Valor was banned in India in September 2020 due to data privacy concerns. It is unclear whether the Asian Games version will be available in the country to qualify for the event.

The Asian Games 2022 will be held from September 10-25 in Hangzhou, China. In the 19th year of the event, in addition to Arena of Valor, there will also be Dota 2, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, EA Sports FIFA, Hearthstone, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile and Street Fighter V.

Including this year, we will encounter esports competitions for the second time at the Asian Games. We know that the medals won in the previous competition did not affect the countries’ points, but things will be different in the tournaments to be held this year. Like every traditional sport, esports medals will be added to the country points.

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