Stillfront’s Kixeye Studios acquires “Iron Throne: The Firstborn” from Netmarble

The game has a new name now: Rise of Firstborn
kixeye iron throne firstborn netmarble
The game has been acquired by Kixeye Studios.

Kixeye Studios, one of Stillfront Group’s studios, has entered into an agreement to acquire the game Rise of Firstborn, name recently changed from Iron Throne: The Firstborn, a popular mobile turn-based strategy game developed and published by Netmarble Corporation.

The acquisition is structured as an asset acquisition and the game will be operated by Kixeye, headquartered in Victoria BC.

Rise of Firstborn, which was released globally in May 2018, is a mobile strategy game that combines hero role-playing-game (RPG) elements with real-time player-versus-player (PVP).

Kixeye CEO Colin How made the following statements on the acquisition:

“We are incredibly excited to acquire Rise of Firstborn and welcome the Rise of Firstborn players into the Kixeye family. With this acquisition, we are continuing to realize our vision to be the world leader in real-time strategy games. At the core of this game is a state-of-the-art game engine that we could potentially use for things like engine sharing and further scaling within the Stillfront Group of studios.”

Tim Holland, Stillfront Group North America CFO added:

“With this transaction, Stillfront continues its journey of asset acquisitions which continues to be a valuable segment in our M&A growth strategy. Rise of the Firstborn is an exceptionally strong real-time strategy game and we are excited to leverage Kixeye’s experience with similar titles to make this game even more successful.”

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