Supercell pulls the plug on Clash Quest

“Clash Quest still didn’t reach the bar we were aiming for,” said the Clash Quest team.
Clash Quest main characters walking through a dangerous forest

The Finnish video game developer and publisher Supercell terminated yet another game. Clash Quest was launched back in April 2021, and the game initially did well but failed to reach the goals Supercell set for it.

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The title was actually given a second chance prior to this summer break and had gone through some design changes to make it more fun, but alas, the studio decided to kill the game for good as it didn’t do well enough to reach the high standards the studio set for itself.

Supercell is known for terminating games even if they’re profitable. As the company’s CEO Ilkka Paananen explained, a big part of Supercell’s gaming culture is that the quality bar is extremely high and games have to be fun and bring people together.

The termination news comes directly from Supercell’s official website. The official press release said:

“Over the past year, you’ve helped us make some incredible improvements to Clash Quest. With the feedback you shared with us on our social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Discord, etc., our goal was to make the game better and even more fun with each update.

“Our Content Creators also tirelessly championed Clash Quest on their channels, providing awesome strategies, contests, giveaways, and more. We are truly humbled by the dedication and enthusiasm you’ve shown us and we wish we could’ve given you the game we set out to create.”

The press release also mentions players who’ve made in-game purchases through Clash Quest recently and asks them to contact Supercell’s player support team. Payers won’t get any refunds from the look of it, but these purchases can be transferred to another Supercell game.

Supercell will de-list the game from Google Play and Apple Store, and also disable in-game purchases to make sure no player accidentally or unknowingly makes any more payments.

The team behind Clash Quest said this was a learning experience for them, and they’ll be working on other Supercell projects to do better.

Meanwhile, Supercell soft-launched Boom Beach: Frontlines in 19 more countries, and the game is receiving mainly positive feedback so far, however, as is the case with many other Supercell games, this alone won’t keep the game alive.

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