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The ultimate guide for hyper-casual game mechanics in 2023

The guide highlights the importance of easy-to-understand, short, and simple game mechanics for successful hyper-casual and hybrid games. Prepared by CrazyLabs, the guide also explores different game mechanics, revealing the best mechanics and trends to watch out for in 2023.
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Can playtesting lead to a game development career

In the world of game development, there are a multitude of career opportunities, and breaking into the industry has become more accessible than ever before. Unlike quality assurance testers, playtesters focus on the overall player experience rather than technical issues. Playtesting can be an ideal stepping stone for a career in game development, as it provides an introduction to the industry's core concepts and principles.
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Game industry terms and abbreviations dictionary

The terms and abbreviations used in the game industry can become dizzying sometimes. Therefore we have compiled these terms and created a dictionary to assist anyone in need. Just press "Ctrl+F" and search for the term or abbreviation that you are looking for.
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What is Web3 gaming?

Web3 gaming is a relatively new concept and one of the major topics in the game industry. New concepts can be confusing; therefore, we covered the features of Web3 gaming.