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Tenjin takes action to support indie game developers amid the Unity crisis

Unity's new price policy upgrade stirred a significant backlash from the game developers. The indie game developer community is resentful and looking for alternatives to the renowned game engine. Tenjin declared that it introduced a series of initiatives to support indie game developers during this occurrence.
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A new tech company set its eyes on Unity’s throne

LMNL, a relatively low-profile tech company, announced a VR-first game engine with their proprietary game interoperability technology. The LMNL Engine, slated to debut in 2024, aims to rival industry giants like Unity and Unreal.
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Unity’s pricing changes: What will happen now?

Unity's new pricing changes, announced yesterday evening, seem to have set the industry in an uproar. While companies are waiting for a step back from Unity, they also started to search for alternatives. So what has changed, and what does it mean?